Sleep Recording Protocol

This is a step-by-step guide describing how you can get the most out of your EEG sleep recording using Mentalab Explore.

Setting up your Mentalab system

  1. Fully charge your amplifier then disconnect it from the USB port.
  2. Set up your participant’s cap and electrodes.
  3. Open Explore Desktop and connect your amplifier to your computer via Bluetooth.
  4. Check your system’s impedances using Explore Desktop. If you need to improve your impedances, please consult: our guide on improving impedances, our pre-experiment checklist, and our dry electrode guide.
  5. End Explore Desktop’s impedance mode and go to the Configuration page. Name your channels and apply the changes.
  6. Format your memory, and disconnect from Bluetooth. Your device should be blinking green. This indicates that it is recording in offline mode.
  7. Go to sleep! (And try to avoid moving the electrodes.)

Exporting your data

  1. Ensure that your amplifier is turned off (no blinking of any kind).
  1. Disconnect the electrodes from your amplifier.
  2. Connect your amplifier to a computer using the provided USB cable.
  3. Export the largest BIN file you can see on the internal memory.
  4. Convert the BIN file to an appropriate file type using Explore Desktop’s File menu (top left corner).
  5. Finally, charge your amplifier and clean your cap and electrodes thoroughly. For more on cleaning, see our cleaning guide.

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